Patches - Frühlingspatch

01.03.2012 22:33

Der Frühlung steht vor der Tür und Firefly veröffentlicht einen weiteren Patch.

Neben einigen Bugfixes und Balancinganpassungen wurde unter anderem auch der Multiplayer verbessert, wie das automatische resynchronisieren, wenn Fehler auftreten.

Die genauen Releasenotes:


Stronghold 3
Version - 1.9.26498
Patch Notes

- Multiplayer games will automatically resync if an error occurs.
- Laddermen and Siege Towers can now be built from siege camps (multiplayer games only). See notes at the bottom of the page.
- You can no longer walk on your enemies’ estates in multiplayer during peace-time.
- Multiplayer maps have been edited and tweaked, making it easier for the player to build.
- Multiplayer starting goods for High, Med and Low have been increased.
- The default building limit in multiplayer has been changed to 100.
- Scoring in multiplayer games has been rebalanced. On the score screen: goods are reported by category, and building reports have been simplified.
- Steam avatars now appear in the multiplayer lobby.
- Multiplayer lobby now auto-refreshes every 10 seconds.
- Auto-save has been disabled in multiplayer games.

- The keep panel now has buttons to turn all work buildings on or off at once. This is very useful in an emergency when you need to raise an army quickly.
- You can now buy/sell in greater quantities by holding down SHIFT in the market.
- Burning carts can now not attack or destroy stone buildings.
- Attack Move has been added. When sending your troops to a destination you can use Attack Move to command them to retaliate if attacked en route. See notes below.
- The skybox is fixed in free-look mode (Press Alt + F to unlock the camera).
- Added “Texture Quality” setting to graphics options. Anisotropic filtering will be used when this is set to Medium or High.
- Knight movement speed now returns to normal after the horse is killed.
- User Maps: Map descriptions and Objectives are now shown when selecting a map.
- F1 key opens the Freebuild Panel in Freebuild mode.
- Fixed industry on/off buttons to be much more responsive.
- Food popularity report panel: The number of days supply of food is now shown in place of daily production.
- Ale and Church reports now indicate if an inn or church has not been built.
- Ale and Church rates sliders start set to 1x now, enabling their popularity bonuses by default once the relevant buildings and supplies are available.
- UI tab buttons to select storage building panels are now disabled if the relevant building has not been built. Hotkeys to select storage buildings (G,H,J,K) will display a hint if the building is not available.
- Fixed the UI incorrectly displaying a fractional sale of goods when clicking “sell” for goods values smaller than 1.
- The amount of gold traded when buying and selling goods is now shown above the buy/sell buttons.
- Subtle sound effects now play when issuing orders to Lord units to indicate if the command will be carried out or not.

Notes on using Laddermen and Siege Towers
(Only available in multiplayer modes)

- Laddermen are created at the siege camp.
- Laddermen have 1 ladder which they can place against stone walls by targeting the walls and right-clicking.
- Ladders are placed on the wall depending on where you have the camera focused, the same way stairs are placed.
- All troops can move up and down ladders to gain access to walls.
- Laddermen will return to the siege camp for another ladder after placing theirs against a wall.
- Laddermen can also slide ladders down the far side of walls from on top of them using the same method as placing them against the walls.
- All troops can push ladders off walls.
- Ladders are automatically destroyed after 2-3 days

Siege Towers:
- Siege towers are created at the siege camp.
- Siege towers can be docked against stone walls by targeting the wall and right-clicking.
- Units can be placed on siege towers and will fire missiles as the siege towers moves to its location.
- Once the siege tower is docked against a wall, units can climb up and down it to gain access to the walls.

Notes on using Attack Move
- Normally when sending troops to a destination they will ignore enemies they encounter and always attempt to reach their destination despite sustaining damage.
- If you hold CTRL when selecting a destination your troops will retaliate if they encounter troops along the way.
- After killing the enemies your troops will then continue to their destination as originally commanded.

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